Tuesday, 15 October 2013

September Favourites

Back to monthly favourites!  I jumped into a new full time job, immediately after finishing a hectic few weeks on another job without my dreamed about day off so I am just catching up with myself now.  I am enjoying the new work though and the new wardrobe required.  Would anyone be interested in a series of work outfits?  I need to hire a photographer!

It has suddenly turned cold but Autumn so far has been bright blue, blustery skies and crunchy yellowing leaves.  I adore this time of year; the clothes, the smell of Halloween in the air, lighting the fire again, going for walks, drinking hot chocolate.  I hope to savour every last day of October before the grey of November.

Baby Gazing
First and foremost...although favourite would be an understatement...these little feet.  My sister had her second baby boy at the end of August and I am besotted.  I feel so blessed to have two beautiful nephews and just look at these little toes!  Baby gazing I coined as a term to describe my new favourite activity.  The colourful crochet is courtesy of Granny (my talented Mummy!)

Dita Von Teese for Art Deco -at half price!
These cosmetics weren't very well advertised here and I never saw them in the flesh in my local Debenhams.  I happened upon them being sold half price on a dreary work day in Dublin and pounced at the last chance to try these products for a fraction of the price!.  I hadn't treated myself to lovely makeup in a very long time and the gold, vintage packaging of this compact and lipstick just feel so glamorous.
I am particularly taken with the lipstick.  Fades evenly, staying power, not drying and gives a nice satin finish; it's the red I have reached for all month.   The Candlelight Powder is not as luminous a highlighter as I was hoping for but used all over, it gives a lovely soft glow and finish without being powdery and cakey.

Impulse Buys and Black Lace

I go through shopping phases and usually can't afford to impulse buy too much.  In September I treated myself to a few frivolous, cheap and cheerful Primark trips however.  I have fallen head over heels for my chat noir makeup bag and only wish he was a bit bigger, or had a strap, so I could use him as a regular bag!  I also thought the Primark black lace crops for £2 each were a great find; there is little difference between them and Urban Outfitter's more expensive offerings.  I never buy lingerie in Primark but there is something wonderfully elegant about knowing you have a bit of black lace on.  They also are doing a great range of basic slips.  I have always extolled the virtues of a good slip but in the past have had trouble finding them easy on the high street; I love how that is changing and I can get ladylike chic quickly and cheaply if needs be!
Finally, I jumped on the blogger bandwagon with a Maybelline Baby Lips.  The name creeps me out slightly, but they are so cheap and really moisturising with great colour; just one of those quick, easy to use but pretty products you end up using everyday.  I got the 'Cherry Me' shade and it's a really pretty, flushed colour.

This film was a delight.  A black and white, silent, Spanish spin on Snow White with bullfighting and flamenco added in for good measure.  Everything I love and delightful humour from a star turn by a chicken.  I really was caught up in the fairytale for the time I spent in the cinema and I didn't expect to enjoy it as much.  It takes the current trend of reworking fairytales, along with the popularity of 'The Artist', but still creates something totally unique and worthy in its own rite; the score is also enchanting.  The only thing that left me a little unsure was the bizarre ending.  As the darker nights approach, I really recommend this for a watch.

Haim:  Forever
Warpaint-esque with a kick.  Prepare yourself for glossy hair, sullen hipster girls and epic dance moves.  I am addicted to the feel of the video and have the song on my morning iPod playlist!  Finally they released their first album on 30th September as well.  If you like this, give their Fleetwood Mac cover song a listen.

I hope everyone is enjoying Autumn with its colour, its changes and its magic.


  1. Aww your nephew has cute feet, I love babies too. That lipstick shade is so gorgeous and you can never go wrong with Baby Lips. xx

  2. Wonderfulllllllllll.
    My daughte is only a few days away from giving birth to our first grandson and we can´t hardly wait.
    love, love, love.

  3. I'm swooning over your nephew's cutie tootsies :)
    I'm a real baby person haha!
    And the Dita products look amazing :) you're so lucky!
    Glad to have found your blog - following you now :)
    Keep in touch!
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  4. The baby feet are the most lovable among everything else!
    Natbee's Fashion

  5. I love the way you've displayed the make up! I have yet to try Art Deco but I'd love too, nice to know you liked the products you tried. I still haven't seen them in person. I haven't listened to HAIM at all, I must rectify that immediately! :) Hope you're having a good week! :)

    Emma x

  6. These are wonderful doll, such precious feet!! I love little babies :)) Congrats to the new baby, so sweet. The Dita products look amazing as I knew they would..I still need to get some :)) Have a marvellous day xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  7. hahaha, baby lips kind of is a creepy name... something about putting the word baby into a product tends to creep me out a little, too. I am the same way with shopping--occassional impulse buys opposed to "organized shopping trips" (yeah, apparently people have those! crazy). I haven't been "real shopping" in forever, and usually I just buy something now if it catches my eye. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. I m just enjoying the song. Thank u!

  9. Oh those baby feet!!! Aren't they the most precious? I didn't even know Dita Von Teese had cosmetics - those I will have to try!

  10. congratulations to your sister! and lucky you coming across the make up sale, the packaging of all the lipstick and compact is beautiful, and i love your little cat make up bag too, so cute!

    little henry lee

  11. I would LOVE to see your work outfits! Jealous of your baby gazing too, those little feet!!

    Maria xxx

  12. totally understand the love for this little baby. Also, think I just found a very interesting blog to read during my 'spare' time:D take care!

  13. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon. Its really beautiful and I will definitely be back for some more inspiration!


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