Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn Is A Second Spring

'Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower'
-Albert Camus
The season of mist and mellow fruitfulness has been a joy.  When you are blessed with crisp blue skies and sunlight that makes the mountain glow red in the mornings, you remember the wonder of Autumn and how no other time of year is the world set alight with this blaze of colour.  I take all the joy I can in it before the darker and colder days settle in. 
I am still rushed off my feet with work so I haven’t taken as many walks or time curled up by the fire with a good book but I have cooked *some* warming meals, pulled out all my knitwear and purchased a new Winter coat.  I adore the style of it and the subtle plaid pattern but I am not sure I can pull off the unstructured, double breasted styles this season as well as everyone else I have seen.  I love them on the hanger but they are often in danger of drowning me and giving me broad, man shoulders!  I also think they look much better with high heels to balance them out which is not always the most practical. 
Dress - Urban Outfitters        Top - Uniqlo Heatech           Boots - Vintage       Coat - Zara           Bag - Vero Moda

This dress has been a firm favourite since I bought it in Urban Outfitters just over a month ago and it’s perfect with my vintage boots.  I love the wee shape and style of these boots and I also love that my Great Aunt Bridie gave them to me as they had been sitting in great condition in her wardrobe for years!  It makes them more sentimental and I know that she loves seeing them get used too.
                                                                                                                                                             These were taken in Ormeau Park, Belfast which just comes alive at this time of year.  There are  already trees bare in my street and I am going to miss the vibrant colour of Autumn and its golden light in another few weeks.  I tend to just want to hibernate in Winter!  Let us see October out with a bang for Halloween.  I am contemplating dressing up as I didn't last year.  What is everybody going as?

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  1. I love this whole outfit, esp the dress with the cute bots!

  2. You look gorgeous doll, love this outfit, perfect x

  3. How have I not seen this dress in Urban Outfitters yet?! I am absolutely smitten with it. You look gorgeous :-) xo

  4. Love this pictures, you look adorable! ;)


  5. Hi that dress is gorgeous! I so want it. Great giveaway as well. xx

  6. the dress looks so pretty on you, and perfect with the boots! I remember seeing it in Urban Outfitters and somehow resisting! xx

  7. Your adorable dress looks so cute with that collar! You are a classic beauty. <3 xoxo

  8. wow coat is so amazing and pictures!

  9. Hello again, dear ACV! I was very pleased by your visit to my blog this evening, so much so that I decided to return the favor and follow your blog. I appreciated your description of autumn's splendor there in your part of Ireland. I have another Irish blog friend in Dublin and she has been keeping me informed about your delightful weather. I wish for your sake it could last longer before the harsh conditions of winter inevitably set in.

    I love your new coat, dress and boots and I agree with Sarah that you are a classic beauty.

    This Thursday, Halloween night, I will be expecting as many as 300 children at my door dressed in their trick-or-treat costumes. Unfortunately, the temperature here in Central Florida will be uncomfortably warm, hitting the upper 80s during the day and falling slowly through the evening hours. The mosquitoes will be out in force.

    I wish you and your family a happy Halloween and I cordially invite you to keep following and visiting my blog. I love having you over for a friendly visit and I believe we can learn a lot from each other.

  10. Absolutely beautiful outfit, that dress looks so good with the white collar from your blouse, such a lovely combination. You've really captured the beauty of autumn in these photos :)

  11. I really love your outfit! that coat and dress are really superb! I love seeing autumn through the eyes of Northerners, everything is so pretty and orange. We're having spring now, but its really hazy in Sydney from the bushfires so it doesnt feel very spring like currently

  12. You look absolutely lovely. I am in love with that coat! Surprised it's from Zara, at first I thought that must have been from Urban Outfitters, ha!

    Your photos are stunning. The whole outfit and this season have been captured beautifully.



  13. I think you styled the coat really well, not an easy item at all. I really like your style.

    Buckets & Spades

  14. gorgeous photos and that dress is stunning on you!
    The cases on that site are so cute!!
    As is your blog which I follow and on blogloving (punkypugs)

  15. You look SO lovely here, I love that coat!

    Maria xxx

  16. hi susan, just saw your sweet comment now-- I've been a very bad blogger these days-- you are so very thoughtful to think of baba Shane. my address is 10 Glendale street #307, s.f., CA 94114. The surname is Hannigan. Secretary to a priest for a few months, huh? will definitely gain you some points in heaven, right? I should have known you are an actress-- it makes perfect sense... I am in love with that dress btw! so perfect for fall. will send you longer email when I am able to put Shane down for 5 minutes! ;)

  17. Amazing pictures!
    Your dress looks so beautiful on you! :)

    Path to my Wardrobe

  18. Gorgeous coat. Love the pattern of the dress.


  19. Susan, you´re so pretty and I totally love the combination of your dress and coat, it suits perfectly! <3

  20. i love that coat on you, you can definitely pull it off! you have a small frame so i don't think anyone would look at you wearing that coat and assume that they're your normal shoulders instead of shoulderpads so i wouldn't worry about it! i, on the other hand, have a pretty big bust so unfortunately a coat like that would just look silly on me, which is a shame because it looks really nice on other people!

    little henry lee

  21. Love the post title and I totally agree :) I love everything about your blog- the design, name, and your style!! I'm a new follower! If you're interested you can follwo me the meantime I look forward to reading more!

  22. Oh so sweet! Very Autumnal. I love that UO dress, I have admired it before and that coat is amazing! I will also crush on your fringe at every opportunity just so you know.

    Emma x

  23. Such a lovely blog post :) I love your coat! New follower :)
    Maybe you could check out my blog if you have a chance?
    Sian x

  24. What lovely autumn photos! You look so lovely and your outfit does, too. Your dress seems like it was meant for walking out among the leaf piles, the print is just the right colours. And it goes wonderfully with your vintage boots, too :)

  25. This is so beautiful. You look gorgeous.
    This outfit is so cool, and matches your eyes perfectly, great job styling Miss !
    Glad I found yr blog :D

  26. amazing pictures!!! that dress is stunning on you!

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  28. nice look, love the dress, very pretty :)

  29. Such beautiful photos, I love the colours!

  30. autumn is the second spring - nicely said... i love the article...

  31. I love the way you dress so retro and vintage inspired! :)

  32. You look wonderful sweetie...I do really like the dress and the vintage feel to your look!


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