Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I Feel It In The Air, The Summers Out Of Reach

Last week I experienced the moment when you first grasp that Summer is ending. The night was cold and outside the air smelt like leaves and Halloween.   It has been one of the most beautiful Summers here in Ireland that I ever remember and I'm sad to see it come to end.  It hasn't been an easy time for me personally and I feel like I couldn't make the most of our endlessly bright and warm days so, in some ways, I am ready for the change that Autumn brings.  There is something about this 'back-to-school' time of year that always feels nostalgic and a little bittersweet; friends return to the new cities and countries where they're making their lives,  we enter the last quarter of 2013 and begin to take stock of how our year has been and perhaps what we want to achieve before it ends.  September always feels like new beginnings but all beginnings start with an end. 

Then, I woke up yesterday and put on socks and shoes and spent the day walking around town boiling and cursing the arrival of an Indian Summer.  I have a chest infection and am ready to put my legs away, it can't be sunny again!  However,  I'd love to share some of my travels from this June.  I delayed posting these pictures, as I have delayed many things this Summer, but I would still like to share them in these final days of sunshine.

We travelled to Prague to stay with a friend of mine, took a night train to Budapest for a few days and then a night train to Split in Croatia where we got a boat to the island Hvar for a week.  It was an idyllic two weeks and feels like a lifetime ago!

These are taken from our first full day in Prague which was so humid.  We were treated to wonderfully dramatic thunderstorms during the night that I won't forget in a hurry.  Prague was not long after its floods and the river was still very high but things had started to return to normal.
This dress is a little big on me and I had meant to alter it but as with all good intentions....I still wanted to wear it as I love the mint shade and it was lovely and light in the heat while being covered up enough to visit churches.  I bought it a few months ago from Uncle Shelby Vintage in their pop-up shop I wrote about and with some alterations think it's a lovely summer wrap dress I would get a lot of wear from.

Much needed reviving in the beautiful Café Savoy.  On our first day we battled the heat and strolled around the Jewish Quarter, went into bookshops and crossed Charles Bridge to see the Child of Prague in the Our Lady of Victory Church, something I had particularly looked forward to having grown up with versions of the Child of Prague and praying to him for good weather for all weddings!
Dress - Vintage, Uncle Shelby Vintage   Sunglasses - Primark    Lipstick - Revlon Matte in Smoked Peach
This was taken in the hallway of my friend's apartment building.  I adore art deco and there were many art deco influences in the city.  You can decide for yourself if this is a dream or nightmare having multiple versions of me, hands on hips.
I recommend:  The elegant Café Louvre where we brunched on Sunday
Trying to get to a ballet in the Opera House
Walking along the Charles Bridge at night
Hiking up to the Castle and visiting the Loretto Shrine to see the black Madonna
Drinking beers along the water's edge
Trying the delicious Czech dish of svíčková
Exploring the Jewish Quarter on foot
Visiting the colourful and ever changing John Lennon Wall
And, of course, braving the bitter taste of Absinthe!
Na Zdraví Praha! 


  1. beautiful pics and u look great in blue

  2. These are lovely pictures! I'm visiting Prague this December so the skies won't be so blue but I'm hoping it will still be as beautiful.

  3. I both love and hate those first scents of Autumn creeping in!

    Gorgeous photos m'dear, Prague is on my must visit list. x

  4. wow, it looks beautiful, and I like the dress too, lovely colour x Oh here in England summer seems to be never ending!!

  5. Gorgeous, never been to Prague before, looks wonderful. Gorgeous dress too. Summer is indeed ending, but the summer was fantastic, so I'm ready. Hope your week is going well so far doll x

  6. About time I found out about your blog and this post! I'm going to Prague next week, definitely going to consider all your must-see's! <3

  7. Take me wiiiithh youuu!! One of my best friends went two years ago and I couldn't stop scrolling through her photos. All those gorgeous buildings! And I love your day dress too- it's such a pretty color and looks so comfy for a day of sightseeing :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Firstly, your dress is amazing! It's so so pretty on you! I'd love to go to Prague, especially after seeing these beautiful photos. The buildings are incredible, looks like you had such a great time. Hope you're doing well!

    Emma x

  9. These are such beautiful photos! I love you dress as well, such a lovely shade ♥

  10. I love your vintage dress, look so good on you, x

  11. Prague looks beautiful! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  12. We're having a heat wave here to and I can't believe I'm still wearing my summer dresses this late in the year!

  13. wow! overwhelmingly beautiful images!

  14. Looks like a lovely holiday. I love love that art deco detailing in the last picture - I would have totally taken a pic there too!

  15. I was sitting on my back porch a few nights ago - The wind came up and knocked over a flower bed, the petals scattered around me. It started to feel really cold and there were yellow leaves in my tree I hadn't noticed before.

    I thought to myself.. is Summer really ending...already?

    It is so hard to part from such a beautiful time of the year. I feel your sentiments ~~ I hope Autumn brings the change you're seeking and lots of joy too. ❤

    Your Prague trip only further inspires me to get my passport out and go somewhere! (that's a good thing!)

  16. aren't you seriously just the cutest thing ever? love the dress it really works perfectly with the setting. never been to Budapest or Croatia but i love Prague so much. Glad to hear that Ireland was so lovely during the summer, and i completely understand the feeling of the approaching autumn. We are experiencing a bit of an Indian summer here in Berlin as well, but as the sun goes down, you can sense the autumn coming.

    rae @

  17. I loved this post - you look gorgeous! I would love to visit Prague some day. Have you read The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera? It's set in Prague during the Cold War and really is a brilliant read.

  18. REALLY BEAUTIFUL. I've never been in your blog, but from this moment on I'll be an autentic fan!!

    If you want, we can follow each other on Facebook:

    NATI - PURO VINTAGE blog ;)

  19. You look lovely here, that mint dress is so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  20. Beautiful photos, love the red rooftops of Prague. I am so sad to see the summer go, it has been incredible and I'm not ready for the grey skies of Autumn/Winter!

  21. ohh prague is such a beautiful city! you're so lucky, i loved it when i was there. and i'm reading milan kundera's the book of laughter and forgetting at the moment so these photos are very timely for me. it looks like you had a wonderful time. it always makes me sad when summer ends because i don't look forward to the cold months at all, but lucky for me it's just warming up here and i can't wait!

    little henry lee

  22. You write with such a lovely tone and are so informative :) love reading your blogs!!

    Sophie xxxx

    My Links:

  23. I love your blog. :)
    You are so cute :))


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