Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ding Dong The Bells Are Going To Chime

The leaves are turning, the wind is howling outside and yet we are still being blessed with blue September skies.  Last week I went to my cousin's wedding in beautiful Co Wicklow and it felt too early to do a proper Autumn/Winter wedding outfit.  I had my heart set on wearing a particular dress but I was so worried that the weather would turn overnight and my outfit was completely Summery.  Luckily, I awoke to blue skies and the sun shone all day.

Let me preface these outfit photos with three important things to note: 
1.)  I decided to restyle my fringe as I missed my eyebrows and I got my hair butchered.  There's no other word for it and I'd to go to a different hairdresser to have it fixed.  It resulted in a very short, blunt fringe that hadn't been my reference point at all.  This happened 4 days before the wedding and I was devastated.  It was too short to even be pinned back but I decided to get over my very first world problem, watch the Prada Candy ad campaign and make myself love it.
2.)  I was luckily in Wicklow very coincidentally with work and had stayed in a hotel the night before.  Got up at 6am and worked all morning before racing to the wedding.  Makeup done in the car and my hair never really got done.  I would have loved more time to pamper and preen but I did quite enjoyed the drama of a quick turnaround and was just proud of myself for getting there!

My outfit stayed in the bridal tradition of 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'.
Something Old and Something Blue:  I wore a Parigi silk dress and jacket that my Mum wore to be bridesmaid to my Aunt (Godmother and namesake) in 1984.  Disgustingly, this is what she fitted into a few weeks after having my sister as well.  I just adore the colour and the swishy silk skirt is perfect for dancing at a wedding.  I know the jacket is a bit old fashioned but I really just didn't have time to overthink much for this wedding and I'm glad because I just didn't fuss.
Something New:  White Zara stilettos purchased on Ebay and the only thing bought for the outfit.  I was worried white would be naff but I felt it was the way to go for an 80s dress and wanted something a little modern to freshen the outfit and keep it young.  I also used my beloved purple sweetie shaped clutch bag for a colour pop and a white bow band to make me feel better about my hair!
Something Borrowed:  Stunning pearl and sapphire stud earrings of my Mum's she was bought when I was born.  I wore these with my Granny's sapphire ring I always wear.
It was a beautiful wedding in an old rural church and then the reception was in a stunning country house hotel called Rathsallagh House.   From champagne in a walled garden, gorgeous homemade food, staying up all night singing in fire lit living rooms and the beautiful rooms we stayed in, it was a very elegant wedding!   I only wish I had taken more photos of everything but the day went so quick catching up with family and jiving with my Uncles!
Dress and Jacket - Parigi bought in 1984       Shoes - Zara            Hairbow - Claires         Clutch - gift
 So did my economical, vintage wedding outfit work?  
I am hopefully going to the evening part of another cousin's wedding this Friday night but I am travelling with work so may not make it back in time.  September has been hectic, expensive and I am filled with the cold.   I am desperate to have time to take pictures of the leaves but I haven't had the time to notice them turning yet, never mind photographing them.   Here is to a slightly less frantic October and a beautiful, colourful Autumn.   I just adore Autumn clothes and can't wait to start posting some more seasonal outfits soon (and posting more regularly generally when I am not staying in all the back of beyond hotels this island has to offer for work!).



  1. I love this outfit, you look gorgeous! xo

  2. Adore the outfit, you look stunning...gorgeous x

  3. You look beautiful!!! I love your dress-its lovely that you borrowed it from your Mom. I love your posts and beautiful pics as always!

  4. hi susan! for a moment when I was just reading the text and the photos had not popped up yet I thought this was YOUR wedding... lol! your mom's dress set fits you perfectly and is such a great color and I just adore it on you (including the jacket, btw :)

    I have had my fair share of bad haircuts and I feel your pain, though I must say the bangs look cute but I know they are not what you wanted. the good news is the hair on your crown grows faster than on other parts of your head so they'll be back where you want them in no time. you have a great attitude about the whole thing btw.

  5. just wondering as well- what kind of work do you do? for some reason I feel like you're a visual merchandiser for a high street chain, but maybe i'm just making that up?? :)

  6. such a cutiee

    My blog here www.islandchic77.com

  7. That dress is absolutely stunning, you look wonderful. Such a perfect outfit for the last of the 'summer' sunshine - such beautiful blue skies, perfect weather for a wedding! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  8. looks like a beautiful wedding! it's a shame you weren't happy with your fringe but the best part is it only takes a few weeks before they grow out, though if you like it short (like me) that's also the most annoying part, haha.

    little henry lee

  9. You look lovely here, and you certainly had the weather for this gorgeous outfit!

    Maria xxx

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit, we love to raid the wardrobes of both our mother and grandmother, it's great when something perfect for an occasion presents itself like that! x CM

  11. Such a gorgeous outfit, we love to raid the wardrobes of both our mother and grandmother, it's great when something perfect for an occasion presents itself like that! x CM

  12. I completely adore your outfit! Blue, vintage and polka dots may be my favourite things ever :)


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