Monday, 25 February 2013

Count Your Blessings

I have just had one of those hectic, busy weeks that come around occasionally when lots happens at once.  My time was filled up with lots of fun plans and I knew I had to try and fit in as much as I could because life can be very quiet the rest of the time!

To begin, Valentines Day: I was gifted gorgeous red roses and we went to see Roman Holiday in the cinema.  Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, and the Eternal City star in a feast for the eyes.  I love seeing old movies in the cinema, the audience laughed the whole way through and gave such a good atmosphere in the QFT.  We got heart shaped shortbread free with our tickets (naff but adorable) and stopping for a bag of chips on the way home spelt a perfect night.
I once lived in Rome for a few months, not as glamorously as Audrey but the city will forever be in my heart.  I love this photo of Audrey and Gregory playing cards between shooting.  I think Gregory Peck is exceptionally handsome.  Also, has anyone seen Audrey resurrected by CGI and eating galaxy chocolate for a TV ad?  It's a bit surreal, not sure if I like this whole CGI bring the dead to life on our screens thing yet.
 We went out for a fancier meal the next night and then on to a birthday party and... this weekend, we had family visiting from Dublin and Birmingham, a surprise 30th birthday party for a friend, a gig my Uncle performed at and general eating, drinking and being extremely merry.

There has been so many birthdays this month and despite hurting my wallet, I have loved picking gifts for my sister, aunts and friends.  Vintage teacups with roses on them, good novels, pink and lace and collars all wrapped up in rose petal handmade paper.  Giving gifts, especially feminine ones, I enjoy maybe more than receiving gifts!
(This top is from Topshop's Maternity range)
 These days have been a blessing; quality time spent with family and friends, memories made but I am left apprehensive for the week ahead and the problems I had shelved while I enjoyed myself.  Lots of tasks ahead, lots of work to be done and I just hope I am able for it all.  There was also some fluffy snowflakes falling on Saturday proving Spring is not quite as close as I had hoped.  It was pretty though, not enough snow to annoy anybody, just enough to soften the hard edges of the day.

Tonight, I need to unwind and watch some glamorous dresses swan down the red carpet at the Oscars and pretend I don't have work in the morning.

Have a wonderful week everyone, Mondays are not always easy!


  1. i just saw that galaxy ad last night, i was so confused! I just don't get it! I satrt a run of early shifts today which means 7am starts ahhhhhhh!

  2. Wonderful doll...I hope you enjoyed the Oscars!!Have a sweet week xx

  3. Roman Holiday is one of my favourite ever movies and Rome is such a beautiful city, I desperately want to go back!

    Maria xxx

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to spend Valentine's day, I've still yet to see Roman Holiday!xx


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